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What is Capitaliz - Omega Ω ?

It's a Long and Short VIP strategy made for day traders

✔️ Works without being in front of your screen
✔️ Automatisable on ByBit and 3Commas.io
✔️ No repainting (verifiable)
✔️ High performance algorithm
✔️ High ROI
✔️ High Winrate % (> 57%)
✔️ Highly customizable settings
✔️ TradingView™ optimized
✔️ Dedicated mail support
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High stats

+ 1,100% Net Profit on BTC/USDT from 2022-01-01 to 2022-11-01
+ 57% Winrate

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AI Enhanced

Artificial Intelligence is used in the process of optimization to get the most of our algorithm.
Using reinforcement learning, we increase the profitability through data analysis.

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This is a VIP product, made for VIP people who want to increase their profitability over their trading journey.

Being profitable in the longterm is quite difficult

1-20% of day traders are making money.
That means that between 80 to 99% of them fail.
Among this amount, only a few are making good gains.
This is the problem of being profitable over a long time period.
Capitaliz - Omega Ω is the tool of choice to beat failure.

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Improve your winrate

What makes money is being right in most of your decisions while trading.
It can be about entries, money management, emotions.
That's a lot of things to control, especially emotions.
Using tools like Capitaliz - Omega Ω get you rid off your emotions and stay focus on your plan.

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Crafted for TradingView™

We built Capitaliz - Omega Ω on TradingView™, which is a platform of choice for traders.
It allows you to do backtests, replay the chart and signals, proves you there is no repaint.

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Compatible with 3Commas.io to automate trades

In addition to our integrated solution for Bybit, we made the strategy compatible with 3Commas.io, so you can use it to take the signals as triggers for entries.
So you can easily plug-in for FTX,Binance, Huobi...

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Capitaliz - Omega Ω

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