Contest rules


1. Organizer

This contest is organized by Coineo, domiciled 30 Boulevard de Sebastopol, 75004 Paris, FRANCE, represented by PLANCHET JULIEN, Manager, hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer".


Participants have the opportunity to win the following prize:

• 1 x month subscription to the Omega Script.

The awarding of the prize will not entail any costs for the winner.

The delivery of the lot cannot be made in the form of a sum of money.

The participant being awarded a lot will have the obligation to pay the related taxes.

Conditions of participation

Participation in this contest is reserved for people fulfilling the following conditions:

People over 18

Participation fee

This contest is a free game with no obligation to purchase.

5. Terms of participation

Participation in the competition is open from 09/01/2022 to 12/31/2022.


Each person can only participate once.

Participation takes place in the following ways:

The participant must enter his real email address in the form in order to subscribe to the newsletter in return for a right to the draw

Designation of winners

The winner will be determined as follows:

The winner will be drawn using a simple mechanism for random selection from the list of participants. A number between 1 and x, where x is the size of the list of participants,is drawn by computer using the website

The winner is designated by his position in the list of participants corresponding to x drawn.

Each draw is made on the 5th of each month.

Date and methods of publication of results

The results will be communicated on five (5) of each month. The winner will be contacted directly by the Organizer.

8. Contributions from participants

By submitting their contributions, participants in the competition agree that they will be used by the Organizer under the following conditions:

The e-mail addresses entered for registration for the draw are kept in return by the Organizer. The purpose of these e-mail addresses is to be used in the context of commercial communications by the Organizer on behalf of

Personal data

Personal data concerning the participants is collected with their consent within the framework of this competition in order to establish the identity of the participant, to notify him in the event of winning and to award him the prize awarded to him.

The data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of our privacy policy which can be viewed at the following address: Privacy policy – Capitaliz

10. Communication of regulations

These rules are made available to any person upon request. It can be consulted prior to participation in the competition and independently of any purchase. Participation in the competition implies unreserved acceptance of these rules.