We are a company based in France.

Specialized on IT development

Registered in France under the number 80985451600022.
We are located in 124 Rue Anatole France, 76600 Le Havre, France.

Who are we


About us

We help you
to take better decisions

Since the beginning, Capitaliz.io have one main goal :

Provide an ally in the jungle of data.

It is this mantra that gave birth to this project.

As a trader, you can get lost with all the data to analyze during your technical analyses.
You can suffer from biases, let your emotions take over and lose good opportunities that you didn't even know about at first sight.

This is why Capitaliz exists :

To help you taking better decisions while trading, in order to increase your winrate, and thus, your capital.

About us

We provide top-notch
scripts and algorithms

We always want the best for our clients and partners.

To do so, we learn from the market, we optimize, we iterate over and over until we find something the most accurate.

We use AI Machine Learning to improve our algorithms to make them better as the time pass.

We hate fakes, repainting algorithms and strategies that only work for having Tiktok and YouTube views.

Using our products is a guaranty of having the best our lovely team can do to satisfy you.

We use PineScript V5 to stay updated. We use Freqtrade with it's hyperopting to do the machine learning to optimize settings.

We use our own AI algorithm to create the best strategies with super good results.

Meet the founder

Planchet Julien

IT developper