What is the affiliation program ?

The affiliate program allows you to earn a commission (displayed in the "Referral Program with Rewards" module).

The principle is simple: For each order paid by following your affiliate link, you get a reward.

For example, today April 22, 2020, if you manage to make a sale of $ 100, $ 25 is added to your prize pool.

This prize pool can be claimed at any time, as soon as you give us an invoice by email to, after clicking on "Receive my money" in the "Widthdrawal" tab.

The invoice must be in conformity and you must be registered in the commercial register of your country.

How can I share it ?

Just go to Affiliate Registration page

Then, register (or login if you already have an account).

Share the sponsor link with your Affiliate ID embedded (recommanded).


What are the main rules ?

  • Do not speak for us or use our brand
  • Do not lie
  • Don't cheat on your prospects
  • Respect our reputation
  • Do not share links by any type of SPAM

They are simple, right ? If you need more information, you can find them in the ToS.

How do I get paid ?

When you ask for the withdrawal, we are informed about it.

When your invoice is received, we'll ask you to give us your PayPal account if available in your country.

If you want to be paid by bank transfer, it's possible, only if you are in Europe.

Amount, fees reduced, involved in any method used (PayPal fees or bank fees which may vary).

The withdrawal can take up to 60 days after the confirmation.


More info in ToS : Chapter 13