Shipments and returns

It takes an average of 24-48 hours for our team to deliver you the access to the script on TradingView®.

Be cautious to type correctly while you fill up the form with your TradingView® username or it can take more time for our team to reach you out in order to have the good username to deliver. Misfilling the username will not lead to access refund in any manner.

Because the software is a SaaS, no returns/refund can be done due to the law in order. Consumed month, year or two years package is reputed used and cannot be refunded. We can offer a try before purchase so you can cancel it anytime you want before the first purchase.

The software is in the form of a subscription, without commitment (as long as the service remains subscribed, payments remain due. Only service cancelation results in the cessation of direct debits)