How to use

How to use our products


To know more about our product

Firstly, connect to your TradingView account

You need to connect to the TradingView account you gave us on your last purchase.

To do, go on website and connect you by clicking on "Sign in".

If you don't have a TradingView account, please create one by clicking on "Join for free" before buying our products.

Now, select a chart on which you want to work on

For this, type in the search box the asset you want to work on.

How to enable the indicator ?

Click on "Indicators" on the top of the screen (header bar) 

A popup is shown, click on "Scripts invitation" and type on the search box ""

Then, click one time on the " average indicator" or " V3" depending on the package you've subscribed.

The indicator is now shown

How to interpret the signals for the V2 ?

The signals are here to help you, by showing you the average of movement, the possibility for the next one. This is just probability and had to take as it. It's not a perfect financial instrument and by then, you understand that your decision is made by yourself.

In most cases, there is five rules to follow :

  • Work in 4H candle most of the time
  • Never take a decision before seeing the first signal candle close
  • Wait for the second candle after the signal to confirm trend
  • If there is misinterpretation by the indicator (like signal is green and next candle is red), wait for the third
  • Look at the volume and basic support/resistance that can confirm the signal

Here is examples :

 This is a misinterpretation by the indicator.

As you can see, we waited the next candle, but it's red and the indicator tell us to sell. So we are waiting for the next one.

If you wait, you see another red candle that can confirm the signal. If you are patient and wait more, you can see another red candle. Something is happening, maybe we will see a bear trend.

Yes, here is the bear trend. If you followed this indication, you could make ~5% on short.

Here is a buy confirmation, because the signal is followed by two green candles.

Here is the trend.

On the top, you could make ~10%, even if you waited for the confirmation candle

The main goal are : 

Wait for signal to be confirmed by another candle

Wait the background line to change color and continue to the same color as signal shown

What about proofs ?

You can find some proofs here which are regularly updated : Click to see proofs